Friday, September 30, 2016


In this amazing Intermediate-Level Magician's Course, you'll learn an
Ambitious Card routine, where a freely-selected and signed card keeps
magically and impossibly appearing at the top of the deck, a Four-Ace
sequence where a spectator selects absolutely freely, any four cards
which end up being the four aces! This trick can work with any four
cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings, for example) and the spectator always
mysteriously and successfully picks them out from the regular and
shuffled deck! The world-famous Matrix is another routine you'll learn!
This is a coin trick where, say, after the four aces are produced, those
cards are used to cover four separated coins, which magically and
one-at-a-time the coins visibly re-assemble all together under one of
the aces! This miracle of coin-magic is easy-to-do and virtually works
itself, happening in the blink-of-an-eye! With my exclusive
Intermediate-Level Magician's Course (either taken online or in-person)
you'll not only learn three professional magic-routines with cards and
coins, but you'll also learn some crucial and multi-use card and coin
sleights which you'll be able to use for most tricks involving cards and
coins, and you might even begin to create your own tricks using these
intermediate sleights!
Don't wait...and let's keep the magic alive! Learn more here:

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